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     A company born in the cold, northern forests of Canada, a land where one is forced to use whatever equipment they  can find - whether it's working or not!
(Special shout out to DOD & Rocktron pedals)
      Being the dark ages (pre-internet), one was forced to fix something through trial and error......mostly error. What started out as a need, (because no one in town could fix my gear) became a passion, and now I want to share my  passion with you.

     Every amp and pedal is hand made with love, to the highest level of craftsmanship that my ADHD brain demands. In the wise words of John Hammond, I've "Spared no expense".  I strive to give you gear that will last you a lifetime and give you the means to get all those crazy, creative ideas you have in that twisted little mind of yours, into the real world for our listening pleasure.
      You can expect creativity, craftsmanship, passion and shall we say "out of the box ideas" in everything I do, and I look for to welcoming you to the Wee Thunder Family.


Sexy business owner

Doing my best to look like a real business owner.

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