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What wee do:

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Team Thunder!

Like peanut butter & jam, Les Pauls & Marshall's, we will work together to make your dream amp come to life. You will be involved in every step of the creative process and we will be in constant communication to keep you in the loop.

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High Quality Parts

No expense spared. Hammond, Heybour and Mercury Magnetics transformers. Mallory, Sprague, Sozo, F&T and Jupiter capacitors. Bourns, CTS and Alpha pots. The list goes on! Only the best for our clients.

Creative Looks 

Getting a little tired of black? We've got you covered! Dreaming of tweed, purple, sparkle green, fur? Done! From face plates to front grills, we can customize any wild creation you can come up with.

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Any Circuit You Want

Wanna resurrect a circuit from the past? Done! Tweak a modern circuit to your own twisted desire? No problem. Create a completely new sound? Let's do it. That sound you hear in your head when you're trying to sleep, that's the one we'd love to make.

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Watts your choice?

From 1 to 12 watt single ended, or 2 to 60 watt push/pull, we have the volume you're looking for. Whether you want to play when the kids are sleeping, or take on that drummer who's sticks are way thicker than necessary, we've got your back.




A classic Model T circuit dropped down to a manageable (kind of) 60 watts. We've added a little bit of clarity and a smidge more gain to make this amp absolutely sing.


Sonic Kumquat

Imagine the preamp of a vintage Orange amp with some added gained, strapped to a mind blowing 1 watt SE power amp!  All the sweet, sweet creamy tones without the pesky tinnitus.

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