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All the tone, without all the angry neighbours

     Some amps just sound best cranked. But between apartment living, neighbors, kids, pets, significant others, there's a whole list of things standing in your way of turning that 100 watt beast all the way up. Oh! and your hearing.....yes your hearing, we can't forget about that one.

      But fear not, we have you covered. With this little beast we started with a classic Orange style pre amp (with some changes made along the way of coarse) and slapped it on an incredible sounding 1 watt SE power amp. That's right, 1 WATT!!!

     Now don't be fooled, this amp still has enough volume to jam with. You just get that fully saturated, everything's gonna blow sound at a much lower volume. Running a 12AX7 as the power tube gives you a really fuzzed out distortion. While running a 12AT7 gives you more headroom, and keeps things together a little better. It costs you some dirt, but replaces it with clarity and definition.

     When your mates exclaim "it's just 1 watt ?!?" It won't be because of "How cute your little amp is", it will be from shear amazement, disbelief and jealousy that they didn't get one first.

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