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Midknight Valencia

Based on the British work horse the AD30htc, this pedal gives players true tube tone and dirt at the stomp of a switch

When we set out to make a amp-in-a-box style pedal we wanted to make exactly that....a tube amp in a box. Based on one of the best tube driven bass amps ever made, the AD30HTC. From shimmering cleans, edge of break up jangle to fire spitting classic crunch, this pedal covers it all!

We start with a 12AX7 preamp tube and run it at 277 vdc, full operating voltage. That means the tube is providing all the sound for the pedal , it's not just there to look pretty. Next, we use Mallory M150  and Silver Mica signal capacitors just like you would see in a real, high end tube amp. We use metal film resistors for the tube plates to keep the noise floor low and carbon film resistors in the rest of the signal path to give the tone more mojo and less sterility.

The Midknight Valencia makes an excellent pre amp to run before a power amp or directly into a recording interface to give you convenient tube tone at your finger tips. Also makes an awesome drive pedal to put in front of you favorite amp or crank the master and lower the gain to push your tube amp to its limits.


  • 3 band EQ for total tone control

  • True Bypass

  • Solid aluminum housing

  • Runs 9v center negative power supply (not included)

  • Ours pedals 100% hand assembled in Canada

  • We use lead free PCB's and solder and use minimal packaging to do what we can to keep things green.

  • Free world wide shipping

$299 CAD No Tube

$325 CAD JJ 12AX7

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